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Entry information for the Idaho City 100


  • Entry will open on April 1st at 8pm MDT for 2-day riders only: Idaho City is a two day event. If you want to ride both days you can enter starting April 1st. Entry for Saturday only and Sunday only riders will open April 8th at 8pm MDT: If we have not reached the 300 rider limit entries will be available for Saturday only and Sunday only riders until the entry is full for each day.

  • Entries are NOT transferrable: In the past selling of entries was allowed, but this was a tremendous amount of work and caused problems with the scoring. Most events do not allow transferring of entries. All entries are final and as has always been the case, there are no refunds of entry fees.

  • If you wish to ride with a buddy, you must enter with a buddy: This year if you want to ride with a buddy you need to enter together. Example: Three of you want to ride together. One of you will enter for all three of you then you will be group together in the entry data base and be grouped together. Use the comment section of the Moto-Tally entry form for special grouping requests.

  • No more mail in payments: Payments only accepted online. Sorry, but people would enter and never send us a check. No checks accepted. Online payment only.

Entries into the Idaho City 100 are limited to 300 riders per day. As a result, pre-entry closes when the 300 riders-per-day limits are reached or at midnight on Monday May 13 - whichever comes first. Depending on which day fills-up first, pre-entry might be closed for one day, but will remain open for the other day. Typcially, Saturday entry's sell out first.
You must complete your entry into the event by going thru sign-up and tech inspection in Idaho City.

Before you enter, you need to review the information about rider skill levels, the classes available and time schedules found here.
Entry Fees:
  • Saturday Only: $130
  • Sunday Only:   $90
  • Both Days:       $200
You must pay your entry fees at the time you pre-enter. Payment options include:
  • PayPal instant payment with a credit or debit card.
  • PayPal eCheck from a bank (generally takes 3-5 days to process)
  • Send us a check via US Postal Service. Your entry will not be accepted until your payment clears our bank.
We're sorry, but once you've paid your entry there are no refunds.
Rider Start Times:
Rider start times are drawn based on the class entered and the date-time of your accepted entry fee payment i.e. the sooner you enter and pay, the earlier your start time. Start times are also based on the rider skill levels. AA riders start first and are then followed by the A, B and then the C classes.
To enter the Idaho City 100:
Entry into the Idaho City 100 is hosted by Moto-Tally who scores the event. When you click on one of the links below, you will be taken to the Moto-Tally website. On the Moto-Tally website, you will select the days you want to enter, the class you want to run each day and pay your entry fees. Before you enter, please review the Rules and Requirements and the Rider Classes.

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